If it’s Tuesday, it must be Todmorden...

Carlos, a farmer ftrom Spain, explains how Incredible Edible Todmorden should be growing  their garlic
Carlos, a farmer ftrom Spain, explains how Incredible Edible Todmorden should be growing their garlic

We may not quite live up to the whirlwind jet setting film from the 60s nor do we have Ian McShane as a tour guide, but we do have visitors from all over the world jetting in to see Tod, as well as visitors from all over Britain.

Already this year we have seen folk come to find out about Incredible Edible Tod from France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Australia, and the USA as well as Wales, Scotland and other parts of the UK.

We have had magazines and film crews featuring our town and market, so much so our vegetable tourists often ask “will we be going to the pie stall?” or “where can we get some Todmorden cheese?” or simply “will we be going to the market?”

This has to be good for trade and the town’s economy. Our visitors also bring a wealth of knowledge so we exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Just the other week a farmer from Spain showed how we could grow garlic more efficiently.

It’s great to explain what we do and why we do it, to show that local food tastes better, is often cheaper and that by shopping locally and supporting local business jobs can be created for our young people.

Making a sustainable town is about so much more than just growing food, it’s about growing community and kindness along with the cabbages and Kale, it’s caring about where we live seeing our town can prosper.

There are over 40 other incredible groups now in the UK with 150 or more across the world so we created a new website the Incredible Network so they can find each other and us.

Every incredible group refers back to where it all started and want to see for Tod for themselves.

This means the number of people coming and tours being booked is going up all the time and now they often wasn’t to stay a few days to take in the atmosphere rather than jet in and out in one day.

Could vegetable tourism be new industry by which we prosper?

Who knows but at the rate its growing it will certainly help, which can’t be bad.

Don’t forget to check out our website www.incredible-edible-todmorden.co.uk