Ignoring ‘no right turn’ order is risking safety

MOTORISTS ignoring the no-right turn requirement when travelling out of Bond Street onto Halifax Road are risking an accident, say safety campaigners.

For some time members of Todmorden Accident Prevention Council have been concerned by the issue, which is exacerbated by “no right turn” signs, wherever they have been placed, being hidden from view by parked vehicles.

Turning right increases the possibility of pedestrian and motorist conflict at the nearby pelican crossing, members felt.

They have suggested that the traffic flow should be altered with Bond Street being made one way only (Halifax Road towards Dale Street). At the junction of Bond Street with Dale Street left and right turns into Dale Street should be allowed.

This would require “no entry” signs at the Lever Street end of Dale Street, George Street becoming one way towards Bond Street.

The council are to pass their views on the matter to Calderdale Council’s highways department.