In confidence, with Inspector Dave Browning: They mend their ways, or they get our attention

Inspector Dave Browning
Inspector Dave Browning

Last month I reported that people living in Todmorden and Hebden Bridge are both safe and entitled to feel safe.

That is true. Violent crime is unusual.

When it happens my team take swift action and work in partnership with Neighbourhood Wardens, the Safeguarding Unit and the Anti Social Behaviour team, to stop it from happening again. Partners from the White Ribbon Campaign, based in Mytholmroyd, help boys and men to work towards the ending of violence to women and girls in our society.

I went to the vulnerability panel several weeks ago to discuss the case of a violent neighbour who was bullying their way into a neighbour’s home.

Our partnership is a strong one; council and housing colleagues, supported by local police, set about arranging for the perpetrator to face prosecution, have an injunction keeping them out of the area and to face eviction.

So what? Aggressive bullying affects the physical health and mental wellbeing of victims. It can affect whether people feel safe enough to go out, or safe enough to go home. When people feel safe they are more likely to invest time, effort and money in keeping it that way.

Now what? Domestic violence repeat rates in our area continue to improve. Tackling, not tolerating, is the way forward. Aggressors can either mend their ways or they will find that they are prosecuted and/or evicted, getting unwanted attention from those in authority. We’ll continue taking steps to put aggressive people on the back foot.

Next month I’ll be looking at traffic issues and treating people with respect.