In confidence with Inspector Dave Browning: Treating people with respect

Acting Inspector Aidan Hodgson, of the Upper Valley NPT
Acting Inspector Aidan Hodgson, of the Upper Valley NPT

In my opinion our police service is one of the finest in the world.

We do our work only because we have the consent and co-operation of the public.

At a local level, readers of this paper have built up trust with the police over many years.

It is because my team and those before us treat local people with respect. We often deal with disputes between those who don’t get on because they don’t respect the differences between the way they lead their respective lives.

One neighbour may not like the fact that their neighbour doesn’t cut the grass sufficiently often, they fall out and we have to help pick up the pieces.

Sometimes we get abused when in that position, but while we won’t tolerate that, we still need to remain respectful.

So what?

Retaining and building upon already high levels of public confidence enables communication to take place at a number of levels; seeking witnesses to crimes, establishing local priorities in neighbourhoods and letting people know what we’ve done.

That is only done if we behave in the respectful way I have outlined. It matters.

Now what?

I am determined to keep building on the current position. Gaining and retaining the respect of local people is the way in which we’ll keep criminals on the back foot, crime levels down and public confidence high.

Next month I’ll be looking at reliance on the police and levels of antisocial behaviour. In the meantime why not take a look at the Upper Valley NPT Facebook site and you can see some of the work we’re doing that is making a difference in this area?