Incredible Edible: Great days as spring approaches

James Campbell, chief executive officer of Garden Organic with IE's Mary Clear, with the present of heritage seeds
James Campbell, chief executive officer of Garden Organic with IE's Mary Clear, with the present of heritage seeds

We have had some great days this month, it actually stopped raining which was perfect for the Big Towpath clean up day.

Over 30 people answered our call to arms and turned out to get mucky litter picking, filling muddy potholes and puddles, cutting back unruly trees and shrubs and planting dozens of sweet berry bushes so there will be lots of juicy fruit to share in the summer.

The day was a joint effort with Todmorden Rotary Club, The Canals and Rivers Trust and Incredible Edible all working together to make a difference to a little bit of our town. We were all rewarded with an incredible lunch of wonderful sandwiches of all kinds made for us by Hilary of “Three Valley Vegans” and there was a wonderful vegetable pie made especially for the day by Tod’s renowned pie man Tony from the market hall’s Ham Corner. We weren’t allowed to pay - such a lovely act of kindness, thank you Tony for your very tasty generosity. Refreshments were provided by the “Chai Guys” who served authentic Indian chai made with their own special blend of tea and spices from the chai caravan. They really added that little bit extra to the day. So if you see them around why not stop by and chai one?

Another act of kindness came from James Campbell the new CEO of the famous Garden Organic. James drove up from Coventry to meet us and brought lots of heritage seeds from their seed bank for us. These have gone to the new incredible Duke Street Heritage Garden Project, where there will soon be a mini orchard of heritage fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetables, so watch this space. Garden Organic are doing great things and are good folk to know and we are more than happy for them to visit any time.

All of these visitors coming to Tod all the time staying in our hotels, eating in our cafes and pubs, shopping in our shops, boosting our local economy, could this all be part of why Todmorden has been named by the Sunday Times as one of the best places to live in the UK?

The article does say “Tod is possibly the tastiest town in the north” and “This small town is making a name for itself” and mentions our growing. They talk about Tod’s wonderful theatre and electric cinema but then we all know our town is the best place. After all that’s why we live here.

We have another Japanese delegation coming soon. I think this may be the fourth or fifth visit we have had Japanese Government officials, councillors and educators all visit at different times and they do seem to like what they see as we keep getting more requests. This group have made a special request to come to a town gardening day. We have of course said yes.

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