Incredible edible: New packaging, new courses and new chicks!

The silky chicken with ducklings last year
The silky chicken with ducklings last year

So what is new at the farm? A breakthrough in packaging.

We have now found a way of packing our salad so it can be sold in shops as well as directly to restaurants. We have rediscovered the amazing cellophane! It’s 100 per cent compostable and made of wood so completely sustainable.

Our salad packs are now on sale around Tod. We are growing over 40 types of salad leaf, including “weeds” such as plantain and bittercress, which we cultivate in our polytunnels, along with high end oriental brassicas such as Ruby Streaks and Mizuma. We have also started a stir-fry pack of crunchy local goodness.

Our only female Indian runner duck is now over 10 years old, so we are hatching some new blood under a broody surrogate mother... our silky chicken. 

I have heard our silky described as a pompom on legs, which is quite accurate, but this beautiful tiny chicken has hatched most of our chickens and ducks, sitting dutifully on the eggs and not moving until they emerge.

We have two new chicks, that will be fending for themselves in the next few weeks, as we are slowly acclimatising them. Speaking of which, we have also let our apprentices out for an airing, and they have been to Gorpley, a site on the tops that gives them a taste of hardcore farming. They also visited the aqua garden for a day, and will be visiting a variety of sites over the next year or so to give them a wide experience of food production and marketing.

If anyone can host our apprentices for a day, growing, marketing, producing or selling food, please get in touch. 

Our open day for teachers in Tod went well last month, with a great tour of the site and lovely weed soup! We are now extending our outdoor classroom area so we have a great open decking space to do campfire cooking and teaching. 

Coming up.. open days, courses, lots of growing - email for details.