Incredible Edible: Teaching young people about joy of growing

Young visitors to the Incredible Farm at Walsden
Young visitors to the Incredible Farm at Walsden

Incredible Farm is doing exactly what it says on the tin.

Teaching young people about growing.

In the last few weeks the farm, at Walsden, has had six sessions with schools, reaching hundreds of children with our scratch, sniff and gobble methods. One very large group of six-year-olds from Oldham was co-hosted with neighbouring Gordon Rigg’s garden centre.

We are always looking to expand our capacity we have signed a lease on a 15-acre field at Lumbutts to develop food production and nature conservation in an iconic clough overlooking Todmorden.

We ran a community plantathon to make a forest fruit garden within the shelter of young native hardwood trees at Lumbutts. We are also making great progress with our Cow Club, a project for everyone to reinvent the family cow. 

Tabby the week-old Dexter calf is enjoying halter training and getting lots of strokes up at Mellings Farm. We eagerly await the birth of more.

Incredible Farm is now an approved centre for learning outside the classroom as well as an official permaculture learning site and are planning to deliver accredited training via the open college network.

Our new Muscovy ducks are delighted with their pond, and the chickens are laying,

Mike and the apprentices are busy growing salad and 600 fruit trees for sale are grafted and ready to go.