Incredible Edible Todmorden column: An introduction to Aquaponics

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Here at the Incredible AquaGarden the Aquaponics Team is planting a revolution on the way our community grows food.

We are developing technologies and techniques for aquaponics and then sharing the design freely so we can all benefit from living in a food abundant neighbourhood.

We want to empower people to feed and educate themselves in a self-sufficient way.

So what is aquaponics? It a innovative way of growing food and means raising fish (aquaculture) together with growing plants without soil (hydroponics).

It has the potential to fulfill our food needs using renewable energy besides a more local and sustainable approach.

Over the last year we have designed, built and managed a 10 metre long, 6500 litre ebb-and-flow aquaponics system. At the same time we have been developing some ingenious open source and low cost solutions to automate the food production set-up.

Our team is composed of seven associates and is a partnership between the Incredible AquaGarden and Aquaponics Lab, a not-for-profit network of makers and organizations developing food production technologies