Incredible Edible Todmorden column: Extra hands have been needed, down on the farm

Extra hands have been needed to help out at the Incredible Farm, at Walsden
Extra hands have been needed to help out at the Incredible Farm, at Walsden

I think if I sat still long enough I would actually see things growing...the polytunnels are packed to brimming with lovley edibles, and flowers seem to be popping into fruit overnight.

We have been joined by lots of new people, which is very exciting, and all the extra hands are most welcome. Coralie, our French agricultural student on a visit to learn permaculture farming, and English, is learning Yorkshire slang from Jed and Jonathan and teaching us French farming. We also have two new long term work experience placements, and received some funding from the Together Foundation to hire a part time assistant grower for the summer. And we need the extra hands, as it has been mighty busy down at the farm…

We opened the gates on Open farm Sunday at the end of June, and lots of people came for a guided tour, and stuck around for an impromptu BBQ. We also held a “dining on the decking” meal for friends of the farm and volunteers with a wonderful meal created from farm produce and foraged food, including a Japanese knotweed crembrulae, all filmed by a delightful French film crew.

We were visited by the entirety of Wardle High’s year 7’s, who nibbled their way around the farm and were a pleasure to host.

We had a stint at a roadside stall, which was great fun, and gave our apprentices experience of selling direct to the customer on their path to becoming local food entrepreneurs.

They apprentices have been taking inspiration and learning lots from greatly appreciated off-site visits hosted by farmers, friends and businesses. This month they have visited Sandra and Carl at Todmorden’s Pextenemant Cheese Farm and spent a stint haymaking and goat-oggling at a neighbours farm.

And our Junior Farmers have been learning lots too, creating their own raised bed area outside the fence so they can tend their own veg. They have also been rustling up wild food cooking and doing a great job of helping around the farm. If you are interested in becoming a junior farmer, contact

Other news...we now have quails, new chicks, lots of teenage ducks, a new solar station, a new beehive just for us.

All in all a busy month, and more to come! Keep updated on day to day happenings at the farm via