Incredible Edible Todmorden column: Still lots to do in 2015 - project is far from finished!

Raising a cup to Incredible Edible Todmorden's successes in 2014
Raising a cup to Incredible Edible Todmorden's successes in 2014

It’s been an incredible 2014, a year of meeting new folk like our new Inspector of Police David Shaw who is positive and supportive.

We have welcomed new volunteers who joined us just when the weather turned, but still came out and got stuck in with our old hands to tidy the health centre.

We have made changes to how we manage our group as the bigger we grow the more complicated it can seem from the outside.

The UK is being looked after by the network co-ordinator in a partnership with Locality, the farm at Walsden has its board of directors headed up by Nick Green and the Aqua Garden’s board is led by Pam Warhurst. Mary Clear is the new chairperson of the voluntary group Incredible Edible Todmorden until the May meeting when hopefully new folk can step up and step forward.

Catherine Simon the Incredible global connector from France came to Todmorden to speak at an event at the AquaGarden. It was great meeting Catherine who is off to visit Incredibles in New York in the new year, she’s kept very busy with 700 groups in 25 countries. The humbling thing is they all look to Tod where it all started.

This results is more visitors coming to see the town for themselves some stay a few days which means money is spent on local accommodation and in local businesses boosting the economy. This month in spite of not doing tours in December we have had visitors from Japan, Italy and Wales. There’s no let-up in interest and we already have bookings for 2015. All money donated by our visitors goes back into our work - no-one in IET UnLtd receives a fee, we are all unpaid volunteers who just want to do something for our community.

Sadly we also said goodbye to some Incredible friends this year. Volunteers Lisa and her family moved back to Australia but still follow IET closely and keep in touch. We said goodbye to the very incredible Sergeant Mickey Bowden but acting Sergeant Ryan Stockton is already used to facing news cameras from the UK and abroad.

2015 looks like being a good year we are all looking forward to expanding our networks in town and beyond, working with the new businesses and participating in the great line up of exciting events.

The April Folk festival already has an amazing line up and in May the Alternatiba Todmorden Festival will see us busy supporting their green activities. A national landscape/planners conference here in Tod is on the agenda for this summer.

Dr Lindsey Smales is kept busy with all the researchers and students, he is off to Hong Kong next year to tell 800 students what we are up too.

We don’t know what all this will lead to, its just an experiment that’s far from perfect but also far from finished.