Incredible Edible Todmorden column: Too hot to handle but market came to rescue

Keeping growing beds watered in the hot spell
Keeping growing beds watered in the hot spell

Too hot to handle...that was the state of our town centre beds in the heat wave.

But from early Sunday morning until midday a group of intrepid volunteers were out watering so that our fruit and veg would survive to provide tasty treats for anyone to pick. We have water buts at the college, a tap at the police station and health centre but sadly nothing at Pollination Street.

For the lack of a standpipe all could have been lost, but Todmorden’s markets manager came to the rescue by allowing watering cans to be filled from their sinks. It was hot work carrying water from the back of the market across to the fruit beds but everyone got on with it and soon the job was done, so all the plants in the town centre beds got a good soaking.

If anyone lives or works near any of the growing beds we would be very grateful if you could be incredibly kind and give them a little water during the hot weather if you have the time.

We would like to say a huge huge thank you to our wonderful market and to all those who braved the heat and gave up their time to come out and water on a scorching Sunday.