Incredible Edible: What will 2017 bring?

The group have already had tours booked from groups from France, Guernsey and Japan
The group have already had tours booked from groups from France, Guernsey and Japan

It’s not the job I trained for but it’s the job I love , being the chair of Incredible edible Todmorden is, if nothing else a challenge, and challenges are my thing.

This is our 9th year, folk thought we might be a flash in the pan, we weren’t so sure ourselves!

We have learnt many lessons and made many mistakes, nothing too drastic to curb our enthusiasm.

Along the way we have had some great folk support us from HRH Prince Charles, Hugh Fearnly -Whittingstall to the now deceased councillor Ian Cooper.

Calderdale council were quick to see that we meant only good for the environment and went on to issue a borough wide licence for anyone wanting to grow food on suitable council land.

In the early days we used grants to purchase what we needed.

But when the other incredible projects got off the ground we decided to be self-sufficient and find a way to raise our own funds.

We never knew vegetable tourism would be the answer and we certainly didn’t think that people would still want to have a tour all these years later.

Already this year we have tours booked from France Guernsey and Japan as well as talks to deliver all over the UK and several in Europe.

We never guessed we would cook for the church the mayor, bankers and workmen, the various festivals and even a funeral .

This year we will take over looking after the hippodromes beds and share our health centre garden with another project.We love our town and we love touring folk round and showing off the beauty of the valley.

Incredible Edible Todmorden could not exist without our friends in other projects, churches, the town council and the good folk who provide us with all we need.

The beds on the ASDA site are kept nice with help from the rotary club.

Many of our volunteers are connected with other good things, like the foodbank, Unitarian church, Hippodrome, Pushing up daisies, neighbourhood plan, this helps us grow a strong efficient network to share resources and knowledge.

Todmorden has got it covered with the Incredible Farm and incredible AqauGarden, having so much talent in a small town leads to lots of confusion about who does what.

We are always available to take a query and redirect to the right project, the challenge is keeping up with all that’s going on.

This year has already seen some huge changes across the globe. We are ready for the year ahead who will build what and where and how will the town fair is out of our control.

We are ready and willing to keep on planting, cooking, learning and supporting our local shops and business as best we can.