Irresponsible drivers ‘putting lives at risk’

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Rogue motorists who are ignoring temporary traffic lights near a school are putting lives at risk, according to the Environment Agency.

The temporary single lane traffic system on Rochdale Road has been implemented to allow safe working for Environment Agency (EA) contractors building new flood defences.

But some irresponsible drivers are ignoring the traffic lights and failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing used by children and parents heading to and from Shade School.

Contractors VolkerStevin have been providing a part-time crossing attendant in an attempt to reduce the risk to pedestrians and working with the police to tackle the problem, but incidents are still being reported.

Will Benedikz, EA project manager for the Todmorden flood scheme, said: “The safety of the public and our contractors is of paramount concern and the fact that motorists are frequently failing to stop at pedestrian crossings is very worrying.

“We have tried to minimise the disruption to the people of Todmorden during the construction of the flood alleviation scheme and are grateful for the patience shown by the vast majority of drivers.

“We will now be stepping up our monitoring and will take the registration numbers of any vehicles seen to have driven through red lights.

“We are working closely with the police, who will be monitoring traffic, and any motorist found to be breaking the law may face fines and penalty points on their licences.”