It’s a super town and don’t you just love it!

Mayor of Todmorden Coun Richard White and Coun Anne James with Town Plan public survey results
Mayor of Todmorden Coun Richard White and Coun Anne James with Town Plan public survey results

The results are in - and here is what you have said about the future of Todmorden.

As part of the process of producing a town plan, Todmorden Town Council asked what you liked and disliked about the town.

A massive 96 per cent of you said you loved living in Todmorden due to its beautiful location, proximity to other towns and cities, interesting history and heritage, friendliness and community spirit.

Overall you thought Todmorden was an excellent town with great potential for further development.

But there were concerns about the number of derelict sites, particularly the Abraham Ormerod Centre/Olympia cinema and the Halifax Road gateway site, and the effect they have on the entrances to Todmorden.

Coun Anne James, who chairs the town plan committee, said: “If we want to take the town forward, people need to be a part of it.

“I think the town plan is good because it’s bringing the town council and the people together.

“If we act on their concerns, everybody will be happy.”

Strong views, both for and against, were given regarding the proposal to build a Sainsbury’s supermarket on the Halifax Road site.

There were mixed views about the Abraham Ormerod Centre, some welcoming a small supermarket close to the bus station while others felt strongly that the site should provide a community use.

It was felt that Todmorden would benefit greatly from the regeneration of the town centre with the development of a pedestrianised area featuring cafes, interesting shops and attractive seating areas.

Mayor of Todmorden Coun Richard White said: “We need to see where the town is going, not to react to things as they happen but to have some kind of idea of where to go and how we want to develop.”

Many of you liked the interesting shops in the town, but would like to see more variety, particularly selling clothes, shoes and electrical goods.

Most of you considered the market to be the hub of the town and it should be supported and promoted further. You requested longer opening hours, a greater variety of items on sale and more events such as farmers’ markets.

There was also a request for an hour’s free town centre parking.

You were very worried about the lack of job opportunities in the town, particularly for young people and requested that the town council looks at ways to improve this situation.

Concerns were raised about the closure of the Acorn Centre and the loss of activities that the centre provided. You requested that activities such as maths and English tuition, assistance with computer skills and job hunting be provided elsewhere in the town.

Greater provision of activities for young people was identified as a priority, as was promoting Todmorden’s outdoor recreational scene.

Many of you commented on the excellent work being done by community groups in the town, and thought that Todmorden should continue to promote itself as a green sustainable town, as well as a place with a thriving art scene.

The town council will now consider how best to focus on the issues raised.