It’s deja vu for reader Ron as he says ‘don’t miss the boat this time’

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AMID all the correspondence and debate about the Halifax Road gateway site issue, reader Ron Bannerman could be forgiven for experiencing a sense of deja vu.

Both the Sainsbury’s supermarket application and the proposals for a marina development floated by Todmorden Pride have aroused debate in the town this summer, but Ron, of Stansfield Street, felt some of it at least had a familiar ring to it.

He was reminded of the decision 20 years ago to demolish the old Co-op building on Dale Street, and a letter he sent to the newspaper published at the time. His original letter summarised his views at the time that the best positive step would have been the development of a marina there - it isn’t far from the Halifax Road site - surrounded by an arcade of small units, which would have given Todmorden some momentum towards developing its future.

“Hebden Bridge has had it too good for too long,” he wrote, “and it is time we set out our stall by exploiting the heritage and history of our town, which of course the canal is part of.”

More people would be using the canal, as part of a national network, and would stay in the town, he felt.

Today he says: “Unfortunately, the idea didn’t catch on, so please don’t miss the boat this time.”