It’s logical. Or is it? At times, we don’t know...

At our recent meeting a member became quite angry at one particular topic and shouted “I don’t know why we sit here and stand for it.”

Realising he was not talking about the National Anthem some one questioned the statement and asked whether it was logical.

That provoked discussions on many other topics that could be regarded as defying logic but first of all our resident Clever Clogs gave us the definition of logic as “the principle of reasoning especially the structure of propositions as distinguished from their content and of method and validity in deductive reasoning.”

Or, as another said, “Does it make sense?”

It started in Scotland when a member had been in the company of a Scottish Nationalist who said he wanted independence because he didn’t like being told what to do by posh boys in London. Would they join the E.U.? “Of course“ was the reply. Where’s the logic in being given orders, regulations and directives from an organisation that hasn’t had its accounts approved in the last 18 years?

Then we came back home and wondered why in the Flood Alleviation Scheme they build high walls (now with lots of black streaks down them) but leave certain areas such as the steps in Hebden Bridge where the water will obviously escape. Logic would suggest that it would also help to clean out the riverbed as well.

Why is it that, quite rightly, it is an offence to drive and use a mobile phone but not to light up a cigarette or try to retune the radio? If ever you have been in a car when the driver has dropped a lit cigarette between his legs you will appreciate the dangers.

What is the logic behind appointing numerous administrators and managers in the National Health Service, paying them enormous salaries and then claiming there is a shortage of nurses? On the rare occasion that they are removed for mismanagement they receive a large lump sum and a generous pension or get moved sideways to a similar job. What is the logic behind offering the GPs a contract that includes an option to not work weekends and accept a slightly reduced salary and then employ, at a higher cost, agencies that use foreign doctors to cover for them?

What is the logic behind having the intake in medical schools to be 70 per cent female and then complain that the unintended consequences are that they stop working and have a family? The problem of discussing the NHS was that some members wanted to share their recent experiences. It was remarked that the doctor used to spend any consultation in a face-to-face situation but now at our age he spends it behind us.

Eventually moving on, someone asked why fox hunting was deemed cruel and was banned, but badgers can be shot to benefit the cows and fish don’t mind being yanked out of the water. Some of us had difficulty sorting out the logic from that lot.

What is the logic behind sending someone to prison for six years when it really means three years, or for life when it doesn’t mean life? Why is little done about a person who claims it is acceptable in their religion to behead a soldier but you can be in trouble for saying anything that they deem to be insulting? And why can some people wear outward signs of their religion but in many cases Christians are not allowed to do so?

At our meetings we don’t always have a consensus, but we all agree that there should be equal rights for everyone.

But we do not believe that special rights should be allowed to minority groups. Parliament has decided to redefine the meaning of the institution of marriage but have ignored the associated implications of adultery and consummation. Why? They will not allow heterosexual couples such as a brother and sister to have a civil partnership, so what is equal about that? Logic suggests that if you can change the definition of marriage then why not allow three people, or four or more to get married? It does seem that many MPs are bending over backwards to give special rights to some groups of people.

And what about lady tennis players who claim they should have equal prize money and get it despite the fact that they only play to the best of three sets? Where’s the logic of equality there?

And finally - can anyone say what on earth is the logic behind the UK entering The Eurovision Song Contest?