It’s not all happy in the Valley - will you be watching tonight?

Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley
Sarah Lancashire in Happy Valley

With as many twists and turns as a trip up Wainhouse Tower, the second series of Happy Valley is shaping up to be just as compelling as the last.

The second episode was packed with those gripping, on the edge of your seat moments we’ve come to expect from Sally Wainwright’s gritty police drama, which is set and filmed in Calderdale.

Psychotic Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) was given permission to attend his mother’s funeral from prison, only to come face to face with his arch nemesis Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire).

He accused Catherine of the murder of Lynn Dewhurst, who was found raped, mutilated and murdered by the no-nonsense police sergeant, before being tackled to the ground by his police guards.

At the funeral, we got another glimpse of Tommy’s mysterious female admirer, Frances Drummond (Shirley Henderson), who is now beginning to worm her way into Catherine’s world through her grandson and Tommy’s son, Ryan.

Time will only tell how the storyline - which feels increasingly ominous - will pan out.

Meanwhile, new copper on the block DC John Wadsworth (Kevin Doyle), decided to take matters into his own hands after being blackmailed by his ex-lover Vicky Fleming (Amelia Bullmore).

In tonight’s episode, Tommy urges Frances to go further with her attempts at makings Catherine’s life a misery, a therapist tries to understand why Catherine attended Lynn Dewhurst’s funeral and John begins to sweat when a new body is discovered...

Don’t miss Happy Valley on Tuesday nights, BBC One at 9pm.