It’s the way to halt Sainsbury

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PLANNING permission for the Netto supermarket may be the best chance of preventing a Sainsbury’s being established in town.

That was the view of Todmorden Pride, a volunteer group which is open to anyone who wants to participate in the town’s life and includes businessmen, volunteers and councillors among its number, at its annual meeting at Todmorden Town Hall.

Chairman James Gregory said new member Ivor Dibble had succeeded in persuading Netto/Asda, which now has permission to build on the Abraham Ormerod and former Olympia sites, to bring forward a complete re-design to their proposed store.

Members felt this alternative, in stone and slate, was more in keeping with its surroundings and replaced two long derelict buildings no use had been found for in ten years.

Mr Gregory said Todmorden Pride believed a well-designed supermarket here would give new life and opportunity to Todmorden Market and to Todmorden retailers in general.

They were satisfied that unless this application moved forward there would be a number of permanently damaging consequences.

The first would be that Sainsbury’s would without question obtain planning permission for its proposed site on Halifax Road.

The seecond would be that it would then be impossible to attract any developer to the Bramsche Square site in that the existing retail offer would not justify retail provision in a town centre which might be struggling with a Sainsbury’s situated away from the traditional town centre.

Todmorden Pride have been engaging in the general and technical objections to the Sainsbury plan.

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