It will be NIACE to see you...

WHERE does our food come from?

Well, not from Sainsburys, at least not for now. But we’re several generations away from the days when we mostly grew what we needed in the Calder Valley and knew how it came to the table.

September will see the start of a new Incredible project funded by NIACE (National Institute for Adult and Continuing Education). It’ll offer everyone in Todmorden new opportunities to understand more about how food gets on our plates and what’s in our food - in turn helping us all make healthier, tastier choices when we shop.

A series of free taster or cooking sessions in friendly settings and venues all over town will be on offer - from butchers’ stalls in the market, to local pubs, the sports centre, churches and various outdoor spaces in the local community. Anyone in Todmorden will be offered the opportunity to experience different ways of making local food part of their way of life.

Events will all be free, family friendly and set in familiar surroundings. Look out for information around town and see our website for more information.