Jackson inspires Sam’s run

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MUM-of-three Samantha Robinson decided to put on her running shoes after discovering her friend’s son had a potentially fatal heart defect.

The 32-year-old from Walsden is taking part in this year’s London Marathon to raise money for the charity C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young).

The charity was instrumental in diagnosing 15-year-old Jackson Cowie, also of Walsden, with the condition known as Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome – often the cause of sudden adult death syndrome which affects seemingly healthy young adults.

Last year talented cross country runner Jackson had began competing at national level. After hearing about sudden adult death syndrome, which often affects young athletes, his mum Abbie Cowie contacted C.R.Y which offers a free heart screening programme to be on the safe side.

Tests showed that Jackson had the dangerous heart condition and he is now awaiting an operation to correct the abnormality.

“Since finding out I had it I’ve had to give up my sport until I’ve had the operation which is frustrating.

“But I’m so grateful to C.R.Y because if I hadn’t have had the test and found out then just going for a run could have been fatal,” said Jackson.

One of those who will be supporting the charity is Abbie’s friend Sam, who has now embarked on a rigorous training scheme with the support of Bailey’s Gym in Walsden.

“I have never done any kind of running before so this is a big challenge for me. The support I have been given from Bailey’s Gym has been invaluable. They have hooked me up with a personal trainer and I can use the gym for free.”

Owner of the gym Hadley Pollard said they had decided to support Sam after discovering lots of athletes died as a result of sudden adult death syndrome.

Sam and her friends have also been busy trying to raise their £1,750 target for the charity.

Together they have sold magic reindeer food in the run-up to Christmas in Halifax and Bury, Shelley Sullivan took part in this year’s Lee Dam swim, Walsden childminder Maggie Ellis also sold reindeer food and donated money from her Christmas raffle, there are plans to do bag packing at local supermarkets, Paul Sullivan (aka Borders) is being sponsored to have his legs waxed at Sunflowers in Walsden and a bikini car wash will take place at Central Garage on March 19.

Sam is also looking for high quality goods to sell at a car boot sale to raise money for the charity.

Anyone wanting to support Sam can donate at www.virginmoney.com/winnki or if you have any items you would be willing to donate for a car boot sale then email her at winnki@live.com