Jaroslav hopes his Olympics song will be the soundtrack of the 2012 Games

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A COMPOSER whose Olympics-inspired tune reached the final of a major competition is hoping his piece will be selected by broadcasters as the theme for the 2012 Games.

Jaroslav Synczyszyn, from Todmorden but now living in the Midlands, has written a piece called “March of the Gods”.

It was one of the finalists at the UK Songwriting Competition and now Jaroslav, known to family and friends as Slavko, is trying to get his tune heard by the BBC for use on its Olympics coverage in London next year.

“I wrote it 30 years ago but have revamped it for the Olympics,” he said.

“It’s very evocative, rousing and ceremonial music, like a movie theme.

“Hopefully I’ll get the BBC to hear it and use it as the broadcasting tune for next year.

“But that’s not easy - I have been trying for two years to get it heard.

“The BBC will be covering the event and will want to have music to accompany it and make it as entertaining as possible.

“My piece has all the unique qualities of the Scots, Welsh, Irish and English.

“Nothing could be better than having a ceremonial piece that could be played by marching bands to great applause by the public while athletes carry the flag.

“I think I have a fighting chance if I can get the right people to listen to it.

“It would mean everything. Every songwriter’s dream is respect and recognition.”

The 61-year-old’s interest in music began while he was at grammar school in Middleton, although he did not always get the encouragement he was seeking.

“At a parents evening my teacher slagged me off, saying I was a waste of space, writing stupid songs in lessons and not doing what I was supposed to do,” he said.

He wanted to be a rock star at school, so formed a band.

Some of his first compositions were recorded at Calrec in Hebden Bridge.

He was also a member of the Ukrainian Orchestra in Todmorden.

In 1970 he moved to Derby to get married.

He continued with his music there, running studios for many years.

Recently he has been working in an office but has returned to his love of music and writing.

“I have never written better stuff in my life,” he said. “It’s like being reborn.”