Jayne stands for Labour

THE Todmorden Ward Labour Party has selected its candidate for the upcoming Calderdale Council elections in May.

Jayne Booth, who lives in Todmorden with her partner and works as an equality and diversity officer, will stand for the party again.

She said Todmorden is a great place to live with its beautiful scenery, great walks, vibrant market, and diverse and accepting community, but she is deeply concerned about the effects public spending cuts will have on the town.

“The government’s cuts go too far” she said. “They are also too fast and not fair.

“This year, Calderdale has to reduce spending by over £14.5 million, rising to £27.4 million next year. Affluent councils in the south of England are being treated very differently.”

A party spokesperson said the party will field candidates for this year’s Todmorden Town Council elections.