Joining forces to reduce our energy bills

Coun David Hardy ready to switch to cheaper energy.
Coun David Hardy ready to switch to cheaper energy.

Residents are being invited to take part in Calderdale’s first ever collective switch of energy supplier.

With energy prices rising, many households are struggling with their bills.

But by working together, better prices can be obtained from energy companies.

The collective energy switch could see residents save up to £250 a year on their energy bills.

Coun Barry Collins, Calderdale Council’s cabinet member for economy and environment, said: “Up to now, the big energy companies have been able to call all the shots, but by working as a collective, households can drive a harder bargain at auction and get a cheaper tariff.”

To take part in the collective energy switch, residents are asked to add their address to a list of properties seeking a better annual rate for their electricity and/or gas.

The supply for the list will then be “auctioned” to seek the best rate.

Calderdale Council is organising the list, alongside authorities in Greater Manchester, and the auction will take place on Tuesday January 29. The last date for residents to sign up is Monday January 28.

There is no obligation for residents to accept the rate offered in the auction. Each household can compare what is on offer with their current rate and decide what to do.

Coun David Hardy, Calderdale Council’s scrutiny chairman for economy and environment, said: “While some people switch companies or tariffs occasionally, many have never switched their energy provider or even compared different tariffs.

“These are the people who are likely to get the best savings out of the collective switch.

“People on pre-payment meters are also encouraged to sign up, as on average they pay 15 per cent more for their energy.”

The offer to express an interest is open to anyone with a residential gas or electric supply and the more people who do so, the better the chance of a good deal being secured for all.

To add your name to the list, visit or call 0800 0093363.