Joining together to get aid items out to refugees

Todmorden Town Council and Todmorden Rotary Club are joining forces to run the refugee crisis appeal
Todmorden Town Council and Todmorden Rotary Club are joining forces to run the refugee crisis appeal

Todmorden Town Council is joining together with Todmorden Rotary Club to help refugees in what has become a crisis situation.

Mayor Coun Steph Booth said: “We are facing the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War. Todmorden Town Council is asking residents to take action to help refugees - we would like to provide support to those suffering in this crisis and show solidarity with residents of Todmorden wanting to take action.

“Todmorden Town Council are delighted to be working with Todmorden Rotary Club on this project. The Rotarians are very experienced in delivering aid around the world in crisis situations.”

The council has organised a donation point at Central Methodist Church, Bramsche Square, from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, September 19. Donations should be taken to the back room of the building - please do not enter by the front door as another event is taking place there.

Todmorden Rotary Club has kindly offered to provide volunteers on the day to collect the donations and if you are also able to volunteer on the day your help would be very welcome, said the Mayor. Further dates may be confirmed at a later date.

Items needed include:

Shelter: Two-skin tents that can survive bad weather, tarpaulins, canvas sheets, wooden pallets, rope, chairs and stools.

Bedding: Sleeping bags, blankets, camp beds, roll mats, pillows, pillow cases.

Clean, practical, clothes: trainers, walking shoes, boots, wellies, socks, jackets, shirts, underwear, waterproof jackets and trousers, hats.

Sanitary and medical items: anti-bacterial products, cleaning products, basic toiletries (soap, deodorant, towels, kitchen paper, toilet paper, razors, shaving products, sanitary towels etc), basic first aid kits, wipes, rubbish bags/bins.

Cooking: tinned food, can openers, flour, cooking oil, salt, paper, spices, containers for storing/carrying water, coffee, tea, sugar, pans etc, sponges, washing up liquid, cooking utensils, mugs, plates, bowls, cutlery.

Communication: unlocked mobile phones (and the chargers), activated Lyca mobile sim cards.

Miscellaneous: fire extinguishers, LED wind-up torches, umbrellas, tools, wood, tape, second hand compact cameras.

Improving life: books, games, pens, paper.