Jon runs own ‘Tod Triathlon’ for I-can

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If you’re out and about on the hills above town this Saturday, there’s a chance you may find a single figure pounding or riding the tarmac before donning a wet suit for a swim in Gaddings Dam.

Todmorden resident Jonothan Wright, who is in his 40s, is an adviser with I-Can,the children’s communication charity which is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and is among colleagues undertaking a challenge to raise money for it.

I-Can aims to ensure no child who struggles to communicate is left behind, providing a range of information services for parents and carers.

Jonothan has run regularly and has recently joined Todmorden Harriers, but he will be undertaking his first ever triathlon event, of his own devising and dubbed the Tod Triathlon.

It will include a 100km bike ride, a 25km off-road run and 1.25km open water swim, in one day, the former disciplines taking in views from the highest corners of Todmorden and the latter in the famous dam.

It is made all the more testing by the fact he has a lung disease resulting from a tick bite while on holiday in Scotland last year, which means he has to be careful how much exercise he undertakes at any one time.

“When I decided to do the challenge, the doctor advised me to do graded exercise. I’ve tried to do something every day. I live not too far from Gaddings so I’ve been running up with my wet suit!” he said.

“Particularly the open water swim is a challenge, that’s the element that’s completely new to me.”

You can support Jonothan in his challenge by logging on to