Kurlers hope to wipe floor with the opposition

Oak Group members try out Kurling in Todmorden
Oak Group members try out Kurling in Todmorden

MEMBERS of a community group used their meeting place to have a go at a sport normally played on ice.

The Oak over 50s group, which meets on Fridays at Central Methodist Church, Todmorden, ran a kurling taster session, which proved to be a big success.

Janet Jowett, from Oak, said: “All who took part really enjoyed themselves.

“We are now trying to get a team together at Oak.”

Kurling is normally played on ice but the new indoor version can be played on any flat surface.

The discs that are used run on very small ball bearings. There is a target at the opposite end with numbers on and the player has to get the disc onto the mat to score.

Janet said: “The beauty of this game is you can roll the disc as in bowls for the more abled bodied or you can push it with a stick if you can’t bend down or you can even sit in a chair and send the disc with your feet.

“It’s absolutely fabulous for older people, especially if they have joint or back problems.”

Janet encouraged people to attend the Oak Friday session from 10am until 1pm.