Labour’s day for town council

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It was Labour’s day in the elections for Todmorden Town Council, with the party winning overall control.

The party ended with 12 seats with the Liberal Democrats winning just three seats, and the Conservatives one.

The other party who could hail the day a success was the Greens, who won two seats.

Stoodley ward, electing four councillors, was the only happy hunting ground for the Liberal Democrats with experienced campaigners Janet Battye and former Mayor Margareta Holmstedt being joined by colleague Julia Grieve.

The fourth seat saw the return of another former Mayor to the council, Labour stalwart Tony Greenwood.

Walsden ward saw Mark Gledhill top the poll for the Conservatives, elected alongside Labour’s Mary Alice Carrigan and Jacinta Mary Catherine Costello.

Labour saw three councillors returned in Central ward sitting councillor Diana Tremayne being joined by Steph Booth and Denis Skelton.

Labour also took all three Cornholme ward seats, with sitting councillors David Tattersall and Michael Hatfield being joined by Lloyd George Stephenson.

Langfield ward saw the Green Party’s Penny Marrington take one of the two seats available, Labour’s Christine Potter taking the other.

Finally, Stansfield ward saw Labour’s Andy Hollis and Joan Doreen Taylor elected alongside the second Green Party councillor, Dave Robert Wardell.

Mayor’s Day is on Saturday, and the town’s leading citizen will be selected on the day.