Library users urged ‘fill in survey’

A CAMPAIGN group is urging Todmorden people to respond to Calderdale Council’s consultation exercise over libraries.

Steph Booth, of Friends of Todmorden Library, urged as many people as possible to collect, fill in and return hard copy forms which are available at Todmorden Library, Rochdale Road, or fill in an on-line version at the council’s website

She said the group believed that the library’s opening hours might be under threat in the council’s libraries review and hoped as many people as possible would make their views known.

“It is extremely important that as many people as possible complete the forms. We know there are hundreds of people in the town who use the library and hope they make it clear that we don’t want any cuts to hours, staff or services.

“It is an important part of the community,” she said.

Mrs Booth said people needed to be wary when filling in question “2c” on the form, relating to mobile libraries.

She hoped people would tick “no” to question “2b” about limiting mobile library use to the housebound and people in residential homes, that they would tick “yes” to “2c” so its services would remain to people living more than two miles from the main library. “It is important to rural communities that the mobile libraries stay,” she said.

Friends of Todmorden Library, whose patron is nationally known author Cate Haste and which hosts its first festival at the end of this month, was set up to encourage as many people as possible to explore and use the services on offer and fight any prospects of cuts.