Lights, camera and, most crucially, action!

Countryfile's Matt Baker, centre, with Incredible Edible volunteers Adam and Stephen
Countryfile's Matt Baker, centre, with Incredible Edible volunteers Adam and Stephen

It’s been a month of visitors and cameras.

Just last week a group from Somerset came to see Todmorden; they booked tour after hearing Mary Clear speak down there in the West Country. Staying two nights allowed them plenty of time for shopping and eating out in our incredible town.

The sun even shone on our tour and having Patrick Howard and Danny Haymond, the two from the Aqua Garden, with us was great as they were able to answer questions on aquaponics and had a wealth of local knowledge about the town. Their florescent jacket and commanding manner seeing everyone safely across roads was fabulous.

Matt Baker was duly impressed with our aquaponic set up and filmed us working in our aquaponic demonstration room.

We have been very lucky with the weather - BBC Country file came to film last Friday in brilliant sunshine, and the programme goes out on April 21.

On the same day a French documentary crew arrives to stay for three days. They will be filming incredible edible volunteers working in the town centre, as well as primary school children learning about growing food and how children would have helped to look after vegetable gardens during the second world war. There is yet another French film maker wanting to come to stay later in the year.

We have just taken a booking for a tour for 50 ramblers who, after they have tramped over our amazing hills instead of getting back on their coach and driving back to whence they came, want to come into town for an incredible tour and to visit our shops.

Growing food to share and promoting local produce and businesses has caught the imagination of people right across the world and although there 40 IE groups in Britain and over 100 across Europe and the rest of the world, it’s the town where it all started everyone wants to visit.

Tomorrow, April 19, we have visitors coming up all the way from Cornwall because HRH Prince Charles (Duke of Cornwall) told them about us and they wanted to see it all for themselves.

Having the future king of England spreading the word about visiting Todmorden has to be a great boost for tourism which in turn helps to boost the local economy. So Thank you Sir keep up the good work.