Lose weight using power of your mind

Clinical hypnotherapist Julie Daroy.
Clinical hypnotherapist Julie Daroy.

A CLINICAL hypnotherapist is helping people to lose weight by using the power of the mind.

Julie Daroy hypnotises people into believing they have had a gastric band fitted.

The Hypno-Band is aimed at men and women with a body mass index over 25, which is regarded as overweight.

Julie, of Insight Hypnotherapy, which has a consulting office in Hebden Bridge, became a Hypno-Band practitioner last year.

The new system uses a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnotherapy.

The treatment is a four-stage process which is all done by suggestion and mind visualisation.

It starts with looking at potential reasons why people snack.

“Whatever they are, you need to be aware of your habits and behaviours before you can change them,” Julie said.

The second session is carried out under hypnosis and recreates a meeting with a surgeon.

The third involves “fitting” of the band.

“There are no side effects to that because you are using the power of your mind,” she said.

Finally, the treatment concludes with a loosening or tightening of the band.

“I believe in it 100 per cent because I have seen the results,” she said.

“Everyone I have treated has lost weight, ranging from 10lbs to almost two stone.”

Julie takes a full dietary and medical history before guiding clients through the procedure.

“Afterwards they feel like their stomach is smaller and feel uncomfortable if they overeat, just as if they’d had a gastric band fitted,” she said.

“It’s down to positive thinking.

“If the individual is open to it working and wants it, it will work, to such an extent that it can and does change lives.”

She said the procedure has an 80 per cent success rate.

It offers an alternative to weight loss surgery, which she feels places a huge burden on the NHS.

“Weight will always be a massive issue for people,” she said. “They want to lose weight, be healthier and fitter.

“A gastric band deals with weight loss but it doesn’t deal with what’s going on in the mind.”