Lots packed in as singers join the twinners

TWENTY members of the Three Valleys Gospel Choir joined 27 Todmorden Town Twinning Association members on a spring visit to Roncq.

After an early start and coach journey on Saturday, May 28, they crossed the English Channel and arrived in Roncq, Todmorden’s French twin town, on Saturday evening.

After a quick wash and brush-up they went to Roncq’s community hall where the gospel choir gave a performance. The Roncq Choir also performed and at the end of the evening the two choirs joined together to sing a few songs.

Sunday was a free day spent with host families, some heading for Bruges in glorious weather, their pleasure increased by traditionally-styled buildings around the square and a band playing.

On Monday the Todmorden party was driven by coach to Baie De Somme where they enjoyed a boat ride around the bay. They then transferred from boat to steam train where they chugged along to St Valerie and back amid some pouring rain.

Tuesday was more relaxed with a guided tour around Roncq for group members who had not visited before. After lunch they visited a tobacco factory before a farewell evening concert which began with songs from a local infants school where some group members had visited earlier to participate in an “English Day”.

A fine buffet and French wine were served and to round off the evening speechs were made and thanks given to organisers and hosts. The gospel choir then performed a rousing finale.

l ANYONE interested in joining Todmorden Town Twinning Association should contact secretary Jill Bartram or other committee members - details are on the town twinning website.