Manager slams ‘mindless’ vandals

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A CHARITY shop manager has criticised “mindless thugs” who vandalised the building.

Deirdra Johnston arrived at the Overgate Hospice shop on Halifax Road, Todmorden, on Friday morning to find glass in the back door had been smashed.

“I think it’s absolutely atrocious if someone has tried to break in to a charity shop,” she said.

“We are trying to do good.”

Pieces of broken glass were strewn along the hallway.

“If one of the volunteers fell on the glass they could have hurt themselves really badly,” Deirdra said.

The shop is now counting the cost of a repair bill.

“They didn’t get in. It’s just damage but it’s costing us money to repair the door,” she said.

“We are now having the back door reinforced.

“That’s costing us more money, just through somebody’s stupidity.

“That’s money that could go to a better cause.

“The hospice holds a special place in the public’s heart. It is something special in the community. We are the only local hospice in the area.

“We get a lot of support from the local community. People are absolutely brilliant to us, bringing in donations and coming in to buy from us.”

Deirdra said the shop, which has been there for five years, has been vandalised before.

A police spokeswoman said enquiries into last week’s incident are ongoing.

Any witnesses are asked to contact the Upper Valley Neighbourhood Policing Team on 01706 817237.