Mayor’s Parlour: Celebrating anniversary with a walk on canal

The canal and its surroundings is fascinating and ever changing
The canal and its surroundings is fascinating and ever changing

I used to walk along the canal towpath every day and in all weathers – the dog didn’t mind a little rain.

THE CANAL and its surroundings is fascinating and ever changing.

The water reflects the day, glassy smooth or whipped up by the breeze, sparkling or dull by turn.

So when Healthy Minds, which has been developing its presence in Todmorden, celebrated its 10th anniversary with a walk along the canal followed by tea and cake in Central Methodists, I thought it was a great idea.

There is always something to see and often people to talk to.

If you need to talk to someone, Healthy Minds run a series of workshops, drop-in sessions and activities as diverse as walking, yoga, art and cooking.

Information is available from the health centre and also the library.

The hardest part of trying a new experience is going for the first time but the activities are run by enthusiastic volunteers who guarantee a warm welcome to newcomers.

There are lots of places to go with friends, but not so many where there’s a possibility to make new friends or develop new interests.

We should all be open to something new.

You never know where it might take you.

As people know the town council has been working on the provision of a Neighbourhood Plan for Todmorden.

Over the years many have complained no one listens when decisions are made about the future of the town.

This plan is the way for tall to have their say.

The town councillors met last week to talk about their vision for the future of Todmorden, as a draft plan will be available soon for the public to see.

The final report, due to be published next year, will be modified by the results of their comments.

Of course there are many views on the future of the town but I think we are agreed Todmorden has its own distinct character and spirit as well as its own way of doing things which are worth preserving. As are assets like the market, the park, the Grade I listed Town Hall and we hope, the college. I am sure we can come to a consensus.

I live in Todmorden because I value living in a small friendly town where I feel welcome. I know visitors come for the same reason.

They love the market, the small shops, the choice of cafes, the beautiful park.

They often come again, travelling from a surprisingly wide area.

And let’s face it, not many towns grow vegetables and herbs in their town centre.