Mother’s shock as tree lands on shed

Close call: the collapsed tree
Close call: the collapsed tree

A MOTHER was shocked to come home and find a tree blocking her back door.

Lisa Langford, who lives in a Pennine Housing property at Woodhouse Grove, Todmorden, got back from work on Wednesday, December 7, and discovered a tree on land at the rear of her home had blown over in strong winds.

She had a lucky escape as it narrowly missed her house but landed on her garden shed.

“It was a big shock,” Lisa said.

“I was coming home from work and couldn’t get to the back door.

“It missed my bedroom by about a foot.

“There’s no damage to the shed, which I’m really grateful for.

“It would have been awful to come home to that.

“Luckily there was no damage at all.”

Lisa, who has two sons aged 14 and eight, said the tree has been a long-running concern.

“In the last five years it has been getting out of control,” she said.

“I was afraid that in high winds something like this could happen.

“I have spoken to Pennine in the past and they have just denied responsibility, saying it’s not on their land.

“I would have thought as a paying tenant they had a responsibility to me, but they just passed the buck.

“I have asked the council and nobody seems to know who owns it.

“God forbid if it had fallen down while my boys were walking past.

“I would never forgive myself.”

A team from Pennine Housing came out to Lisa’s home on Thursday morning to remove part of the tree blocking her door.

But part of it remains and Lisa feels that Pennine Housing should have removed the whole tree.

“I was hoping they would do more,” she said.

“The tree is not secure. It still looks quite dangerous.

“It might be at risk of slipping down.

“Any sort of strong wind could dislodge it.”

A spokesperson for Pennine Housing said: “It would appear the tree was in woodland adjacent to our property and it is unfortunate that it has blown over and caused distress but we will be removing the debris as quickly as we can.

“With the high winds we are currently experiencing we are carrying out these types of jobs as quickly as we can, dealing with emergencies as a priority.”

Many parts of Britain were battered by high winds last week, leading to widespread traffic disruption, loss of power and damage to property.

The wild conditions have continued this week, with a weather warning in place ahead of anticipated gale force winds and snow.