Nature is the instrument in musician Lee’s symphony

Lee Gregory carries out some recording for his Offshoots Symphony
Lee Gregory carries out some recording for his Offshoots Symphony

A MUSICIAN has created a symphony made entirely of sounds from nature.

Lee Gregory, of Todmorden, has released “The Offshoots Symphony”, a 42-minute ambient piece in five parts featuring sounds such as birds, frogs, bees and water recorded at the Offshoots Permaculture Project site at Towneley Park, Burnley.

Lee, 40, spent a year making all the sound recordings to create a soundscape which takes the listener on a journey into the nature of Northern England.

“I just thought it would be a good idea to do a piece relating to the sounds and where they come from,” Lee said.

“It was quite inspirational creating music using natural sounds.”

Lee, who has volunteered at the permaculture project for the past few years, said patience is key when carrying out the recordings.

“You have to be very quiet,” he said. “There are many hours of recording, some of which are not used in the end.”

Lee is continually inspired by the sounds that surround him. He combines this inspiration with more than ten years of experience in sound recording and composition to create “acousmatic” music.

He is very pleased with the results of his symphony.

“I think it’s the best work I have done so far,” he said.

“Everybody who has heard it has been really positive. They have been really impressed with it.”

He is now working on a new project exploring the sounds of Todmorden and Hebden Bridge.