Nearly 100 accidental house fires in West Yorkshire last month

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There were almost 100 accidental house fires in West Yorkshire in August.

West Yorkshire Fire Service has issued a safety warning following the incidents - four of which happened in Calderdale.

In total there have been 91 accidental house fires across West Yorkshire - 42 of which were caused by cooking.

Fire Investigator Lee Miller said: “As a result of these cooking related fires seven people have been injured. A reoccurring cause, attributed in 14 of the cases, was combustible items placed too close to an energised hob.

“This was anything from wooden chopping boards to plastic trays. Occupants were then distracted and the unattended item has caught fire.

“In light of these figures, we would like to stress the importance of remaining vigilant in the kitchen and never leaving pans unattended on the heat.”