New approach for a brew...

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St Mary’s Church, Todmorden, is trying a new approach to running its coffee mornings in 2015.

From this month they will be holding them monthly in the main body of the town centre church, from 10am to noon on each occasion, with a different church group responsible for organising and running each one on their own.

The coffee mornings will also include a selection of items for sale.

The 2015 coffee mornings begin on January 17, with the Mothers Union hosting.

Then dates are as follows: February 21, walkers; March 21, clergy; May 16, choir; June 20, Men’s Fellowship; July 18, Mara group; August 15, PCC; September 19, bell ringers; October 17, Independent Living; and November 21, music group.

There is no April date because it is planned to hold the Pound Sale that month, and Christmas events will be held at the church in December.