New shoots - and new remedies too

THE IET team volunteer team tell us about the work its Apothecary team are doing in conjunction with Todmorden’s medical practice.

A-what-a-cary? Well, long before chemists and pharmacists, the apothecary was the local person who looked after pills and potions. And since time immemorial healers have grown their own remedies.

So, in partnership with the Health Centre, Lower George Street, off Halifax Road, we’re reviving the tradition of the apothecary garden where we’re growing medicinal herbs.

Our apothecary garden is situated within the staff car park area of the Health Centre. It’s cared for by a dedicated team of volunteers who all have a particular interest in herbs and herb-growing. For a close-up view of our work it’s best viewed from the canal tow-path!

We have been busy over the winter months, working behind the scenes with our web team Alan and Estelle on our new website section.

This will include a ‘Herb of the Month’ feature, a fantastic herb directory put together by local expert Sue Goodwin, Helena Cook’s account of the development of the garden and a short history of apothecary gardens over the centuries, not forgetting a regular gardening blog by various members of the Apothecary team and a section for recipes using herbs. This is online now and hopefully, will tie in with a ‘Herb of the Month’ display inside the health centre.

To help mark the launch of the Apothecary section of the website, IET are holding a ‘Herb Day’ at the Apothecary Garden, on Saturday March 5 from noon till 3pm. There will be plenty to see and do, from our ‘information market’ in the IET Gazebo in the Health Centre staff car-park, to the interactive herb quiz which will lead you round the Apothecary Garden.

We are always looking for new volunteers to help maintain the garden, especially those with a working knowledge of herbs and herb-growing.

If anyone is interested in joining our team, please contact Helena Cook by email (