No time to stop as summer ends

Todmorden In Bloom
Todmorden In Bloom

The summer is slipping away and a new wave of tasks awaits us gardeners!

The ground is still warm and moisture which most plants enjoy and help them survive through the coming months.

Now is the time to plant your spring-flowering bulbs in pots or borders.

Todmorden in Bloom recommend that you imagine the succession from crocuses in January to tulips in May.

Get your chosen bulbs in early, as bulbs may flower poorly if planted late or after storage in unsuitable conditions.

Most bulbs originate from areas with dry summer climates so prefer warm, well-drained sites.

But bulbs such as anemones and cyclamen are ideal planted under deciduous trees to give early spring colour before foliage emerges.

Aim to plant bulbs together in groups and plant at two to three times deeper than the size of bulb, then firm in gently.

Please continue to feed and deadhead annuals and roses aiding continuous flowering.

Divide herbaceous perennials using the freshest shoots to increase your stock for free.

Water them in well as they need to settle before the threat of frosts.

Flowering plants such as sedums, heleniums and chrysanthemums extend colour into autumn, but taller varieties may need staking to avoid toppling over.

These colourful flowers extend the season for our nectar-feeding insects. You can also plant spring bedding plants like primulas and wallflowers now.

If you have any tender perennials such as fuchsias or geraniums they need somewhere sheltered overwinter.

After the dry summer, lawns will appreciate a slow-release autumn feed whilst the ground is moist.

Unfortunately, mould and fungus are troublesome with damper weather.

Todmorden in Bloom will be having a stall at IET’s Harvest Festival at Todmorden’s central Pollination Street on Sunday afternoon, September 21, and should be pleased to meet you.

Todmorden in Bloom always welcome more helpers.

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