Now it’s green bins to help us recycle

HOMES in the Calder Valley could be given yet another rubbish bin.

Trials will start in the spring to see if it is worthwhile having a separate container for garden waste.

This will be on top of the present wheelie bin, food bucket, box for recyclables and bags for plastic bottles and paper.

Three contrasting wards in Calderdale will figure in the scheme.

Councillors also agreed that recyclable refuse will be collected every week from December 5.

Calderdale Council’s economy and environment spokesman Barry Collins said: “Apart from increasing the amount of waste recycled, it should reduce the amount we have to pay in landfill tax by about £56,000.”

Since kerbside recycling was introduced in April 2009, glass and cans, paper and card have had to be put out for collection on alternate weeks, causing some confusion.

Weekly collections are designed to simplify the system and should result in less recyclable material being dumped in general refuse bins and ultimately taken to the tip.

l CAN our recycling efforts be improved? Or do you think another bin is just rubbish?

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