Now our spirits are being stirred

Todmorden Rotary Club's planted "Rotary Wheel" is now in full bloom, March 2011
Todmorden Rotary Club's planted "Rotary Wheel" is now in full bloom, March 2011

THIS is a perfect time of year to start gardening on a fine day!

The lengthening daylight stirs the spirits of all dormant gardeners. Even if the economy is doom laden, we can still plant our own potential green shoots.

The snowdrops and crocus are flowering. Have you noticed Todmorden in Bloom’s well established snowdrops in the Peace Garden, or the newly planted ones outside the Health Centre?

All the other bulbs are shooting up amongst the winter flowering pansies in our barrier baskets and planters around Todmorden.

What are you going to plant? Do you love the colourful energetic annual flowers. It is too early to risk annual plants outside yet, but you could get a head start by setting off a packet of seeds indoors. The self seeding annuals like poppies, love in the mist, corn flowers provide best value.

Many gardeners prefer perennial plants which come back year after year. Perennials cost more initially, need patience, but can easily be divided to create more plants. If you have no garden, how about setting off a window box or planters?

Small evergreens form basic structure then you can choose your favourite plants as fillers. You can get advice at garden centres, online, or from library gardening books.

Remember that green fingers are made, not born! You may make mistakes as we all do, but that is how we learn. Gardeners ask lots of questions, but nature guides the answers. As we all know from this winter, the weather is unpredictable and affects our gardening accordingly.

l WE always need extra pairs of hands for an hour or two, especially at this time of growth. Please contact Jean on 01706 817492 or Norman on 01706 812205 for any information you would like about the Todmorden in Bloom group.