‘Only a matter of time’ say campaigners

Coun Susan Press with villagers who are concerned at what they believe is a lack of road safety measures at Cornholme
Coun Susan Press with villagers who are concerned at what they believe is a lack of road safety measures at Cornholme

Cornholme residents are stepping up a road safety campaign because of concerns over speeding drivers.

Supporters of Cornholme Road Safety Campaign say highways chiefs in Calderdale are not taking on board their fears fatalities will occur because of a lack of pedestrian crossings and other safety measures along the A646 which runs through the heart of the village.

Residents say there are currently no “30 miles per hour” signs making it clear that Cornholme and Portsmouth are residential areas -   only an old “Drive Carefully” sign which is partly hidden by foliage

They add that “blind corners” for residents pulling out onto the Burnley Road also said to pose a constant danger – residents would like to see mirrors installed to help them judge if it is safe to maneovre. HGVs loading and unloading at the Frostholme Mill furniture factory add to the issues.

Parents driving to Cornholme Primary School have had to improvise a “safe route” to the school -  but many local children walk almost a mile to the school and even as far as Todmorden High, which is more than a mile away in the other direction.

Campaign spokeswoman Shirley Harris said: “Both Todmorden Town Council and Calderdale councillors have raised these issues over a long period and we have had meetings in the last few weeks and written to Calderdale Council.

“But it looks like nothing much will change despite the fact there are new residential developments and the population is likely to significantly increase in the future with planned development on the Pudsey Road on an old factory site.

Campaigners also  point out that other villages in the Calder Valley  like Blackshawhead and Pecket Well have benefitted from proper signage and traffic calming measures.

They feel their concerns have been ignored for many years as they are right on the edge of Calderdale and ‘the poor relation’ as far as council officers are concerned.

Todmorden ward councillor Susan Press said: “Recently there have been several RTAs in Cornholme.

“As things stand, the road is seriously dangerous for older and disabled people who have told me they are scared of crossing to get to the post office or shops due to speeding cars.

“Mobile speed checks have been carried out at intervals by police but the latest figures show they have not led to drivers significantly changing their behaviour.

“I have raised residents’ concerns with Highways but have been told there is no prospect in the near future of a pedestrian crossing for Cornholme.

“Does someone have to get killed before anything is done?”

Calderdale Council are considering the matter but had not responded by time of publication.