Opening followed across the world through our Facebook coverage

The Piece Hall re-opens
The Piece Hall re-opens

Some of the positive comments you made about the re-opening of Halifax’s Piece Hall show the news reached far and wide – across the world, in fact – with many Halifax “exiles” following the coverage on our Facebook Live link.

Here are a few of those from our Facebook page.

Janice Hoyle: Fab day in Halifax. Loads of people making a fab atmosphere in the Borough Market as well as the Piece Hall. Long may it last.

Amy ‘Aj’ Norcliffe: Can’t really see much of the new Piece Hall with so many people there but I look forward to seeing it soon! Happy Yorkshire Day, I’m proud to be from Yorkshire!

Frances Day: So pleased it’s finally open. Halifax isn’t the same without the Piece Hall.

Lisa Charlton: Welcome back Piece Hall, looking forward to walking through the gates once more.

Julia MacCallum: Can’t wait for the Christmas market X looking good well done Halifax.

Lesley Rushworth: Looks fabulous. Well done to everyone involved. Gutted I’m not there to experience the opening first hand as I’m on holiday but I will be visiting as soon as I get back.

Karen Thompson: Used to love going here with my mum as a kid but we moved away to Blackpool will be over soon to come and see this gem of a place

Lynn Marsden: Apparently it was said in ancient Egypt ...“those pyramids, what a waste of money, let’s knock them down and build something better...”!!! Congratulations, Halifax, on restoring such a beautiful building!

Sarah Czainski: Watching from Dubai. Moving back to Halifax next week. Piece Hall...looking good.

Adam Goldsmith: Best made leaky steps I’ve seen. Seriously though looking forward to coming down for a wander

Kevin Wilmington: “A positive step and much needed breath of life for Halifax.”