Were the church bells ringing out at 3am, or did I just dream it?

ON Sunday morning, August 7, at about 3am, I was sitting at my computer when all of a sudden the Unitarian Church bells, Honey Hole, began to play a tune - poetic license applies - which went on for at least five minutes.

Saturday, 20th August 2011, 4:23 pm

Occasionally this happens during the day but never before at night.

It was so spooky!

I live a stone’s throw from the church and when I looked out of the window, the only light that was on in there was the small security light that is on every night.

Can anyone offer me any explanation?

I would love to know if it woke anybody up and if so, were you as spooked as I was?

Or maybe it was all in my head...

Willow Merrymoon,

Well Street,