Our hardy flowers will help dispel any gloom

Viburnum Bodnante flowering through the winter months
Viburnum Bodnante flowering through the winter months
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Todmorden in Bloom hope that the happy faces of the winter pansies in our barrier baskets around town will bring smiles to all passersby!

Winter pansies bloom so reliably through the darkest months of the gardening year.

The snowdrops in our Peace Garden behind the Town Hall are amassing with their dainty white flowers. Fortunately, snowdrops are hardy and continue to thrive after the Christmas tree and crib are placed over them each year by the council. An easy way to propagate snowdrop plants is to lift and divide them as soon as their flowering is over.

A few well chosen shrubs can brighten winter chills to bring light and life into your gardens or containers. Vivid yellow Jasmine will flower profusely in most soils during the darkest days. It needs some support for its sprawling habits and prefers a sheltered position.

Viburnum Bodnantese is a stunning pink-flowered shrub which can be seen in bloom now. It is a strong upright shrub reaching 10ft height and has beautifully fragrant blossoms. In a good winter, both these shrubs will flower for several months. To check the Viburnum’s credentials in Todmorden, just walk along the canal bank opposite Fielden Wharf where there is a fine mature specimen.

The daylight hours are now lengthening. But don’t be too hasty with plants and seeds until the soil warms up considerably more. For gardeners everywhere, patience and preparation defines the month of February! Those of you lucky enough to have a greenhouse will obviously have a head start! Please continue to feed the birds, who will repay you later in the summer by eating up some of those unwanted garden pests.

Todmorden in Bloom always welcomes more helpers, especially with the new gardening season ahead. For more information phone Norman on 01706 812205 or Jean on 01706 817492 or see our website at www.todmordeninbloom.com.