Owners admit 27 hygiene breaches

Ali Baba takeaway, Rochdale Road, Todmorden
Ali Baba takeaway, Rochdale Road, Todmorden

MANAGEMENT at a kebab house have admitted 27 breaches of the food hygiene regulations and will face sentence at Bradford Crown Court.

Magistrates said the breaches were so serious their powers were insufficient and had no option but to send the case to crown court.

When the Ali Baba Kebab House, Rochdale Road, Todmorden, was visited by inspectors from Calderdale Council they were shocked to find filthy floors and surfaces, raw meat being kept next to vegetables and even a chopping board showing signs of the growth of mould.

Owner Shafqat Siddique and manager Zaffar Iqbal appeared at Calderdale Magistrates Court to face 27 counts each and pleaded guilty to all of them.

Photographs from the food inspectors shown in court showed uncooked pakoras and bhajis being stored at 19C - the law requires they are kept below 8C to avoid the growth of bacteria and toxins.

Open boxes of raw chicken were being kept next to cooked meats, yoghurt and cheese.

One worker was found handling raw meat with a bin between his knees before going on to handle cooked foods without washing his hands.

There were harmful chemicals and bleach being stored on a shelf above open food and pans were kept below a leaking waste pipe under the sink.

Siddique, 38, of Painier Lane, Rochdale, said that he had since sent staff on food hygiene courses and blamed Iqbal, 51, of Park Road, Rochdale, for the disgusting state of the premises.

Magistrate Jan Mosalski said: “We feel this is so serious only a community penalty will suffice so we will send it to crown court.”

They will be sentenced on December 4, 2012.