Parish comes together for a double birthday celebration

The birthday boys enjoy a joke
The birthday boys enjoy a joke

THE congregation gathered for a double celebration at St Mary’s Church, Todmorden.

Parishioners Terry Halstead and Harold Powell celebrated their 90th birthday recently, and a Jacob’s Join was held at the church to mark the occasion.

Both men are very active in the parish.

Terry is a reader, a bell ringer and sings in the choir.

He is also a member of Todmorden Choral Society and a holder of the Queen’s Maundy money.

Harold, a former Mayor of Todmorden, sings in the church choir.

He used to sit on the bench as a magistrate and has a long history of community work in Todmorden.

Both men have given their time in service to the town, so parishioners at St Mary’s felt it would be appropriate to give them some recognition for their efforts.

Parishioner Pamela Wilkinson said: “Todmorden has not only produced some fine citizens but they are still active despite their grand age of 90.”

Canon Owen Page, who is vicar at St Mary’s, said it was an excellent occasion.

“They had a lovely day,” he said.

“A good time was had by all.

“People at St Mary’s are so good at coming together to celebrate.”

He joked that Terry’s celebrations have been prolonged.

“I reckon Terry should be in the Guinness Book of Records for the record number of times to celebrate a 90th birthday.

“He has had so many parties we have lost count,” he said.