Pauline’s ‘princess’ gift in memory of Anne

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A woman grew her hair for a year - so she could have a long section of it cut off to help a child with cancer.

Pauline Rose went under the scissors at Sweeney’s of Todmorden last week when hairdresser Emma Pemsel carefully cut off Pauline’s long hair and then restyled it into a shorter cut.

The Little Princess Trust is a charity which helps children who have cancer and their families, and the hair is used to make wigs for a child who is battling the illness and has lost his or her hair while undergoing treatment.

Pauline said: “My mum Anne Reynolds died from breast cancer last year and I have been growing my hair for a year in her memory.

“I wanted to donate it to the trust because it’s hard for children losing their heair and it’s harder if you are a little girl,” she said.

Pauline was not collecting money in sponsorship but wanted to donate her hair and raise awareness of the work Little Princess does.

And having given her hair to the charity, Pauline is pleased with the new style created for her by Emma.

Recently another Todmorden woman, Kim Davies, also had her long tresses cut off to make a wig for a child.

The Little Princess Trust provides the real hair wigs free of charge to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland. For more information about the trust ,log on to