Pensioner hits out over quadrupling of care costs

A PENSIONER has hit out over a four-fold increase in his home care bill - up from £25 to £97 a week.

Robert Leggatt, who lives at Shade, Todmorden, feels he has been penalised for being careful with his money and allowing his savings to build up.

Mr Leggatt, 77, suffered a stroke two years ago which affected his sight and his mobility.

He was paying less than £25 a week for an 11-hour package of care which included morning and evening visits, and help with cleaning and shopping.

That went up to £97 which Mr Leggatt said was outrageous, although he does receive £54 a week in benefits to help off-set the costs.

“I know I have some money in the bank because I have been careful but I have paid plenty into the system over the years and now is the time they should be taking care of me,” he said.

Calderdale Council’s head of social care, Phil Shire, said he sympathised with Mr Leggatt and his staff were working with him to try to provide the services he needs.

“Like all councils, Calderdale has faced unprecedented cuts in funding from central government and has done its best to minimise the impact on people who use its services,” he said.

Only those with savings and capital in excess of £23,250 are asked to pay the full cost of the services they receive.