Stone Hair Art: Celebrate spring with a splash of colour

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You know when it’s right. All of a sudden you’re noticed more, you’re the centre of attention and people greet you with a fresh sense of excitement.

Step up to the bar darling, it’s time to celebrate. Nature’s about to throw a cocktail party of colour your way served up and ready to sip.

We each have our customary way of celebrating spring’s colour fest, some parade parasols, colour eggs, dance round poles with coloured ribbons, others dress like glorious white lilies and yes most adore fresh colours in their hair.

According to Tom Mallinson stylist and master of red at Stone Hair Art in Todmorden, fashion has a hot new spring colour - grey.

“Grey is hot among celebrity trend setters over the last six months. Everybody’s using it, men and women. Some add it for dramatic effect, some, already grey, add pastel colour tips and bold streaks to accent dimensions and electrify, really exciting - grey adds glamour in anew way.”

Why grey I posed to Tom? He said: “Why not? Science has made sure the whole rainbow’s available. Grey is sophisticated, timeless and marvellous. Artists use grey when they want to create a mood.”

He added: “It’s all main stream now. Let’s face facts, when people aren’t happy with their look it affects them in many negative ways. It’s stifling, it wrecks confidence.”

Reflecting on Tom’s words, we know it’s true - all hair catastrophes tend to dim and dull our mornings.

Tom said: “No one looks forward to the morning mirror ritual when they aren’t happy with their hair. If the hair in the mirror doesn’t look right on you, don’t panic, come and talk to me.

“People are always amazed at how quickly the right cut or colour can fix things. It’s getting the right style for you, your life style and your face.

“When it comes to colour almost everyone can benefit, correct colour for your skin tones is the key. We’ll show you how to make the most of your budget.

“I know, I spend my life in a colour stylist’s world. Cut and colour can be quick or lengthy depending on the condition of your hair and the look you want.

“A perfect example is Jenny Baldwin, Wella master colourist, whose hair I cut and coloured a ravishing midnight blue a few months ago. Now she decided she’d fancy going as light as possible, she wanted Norma Jean blonde.

“I really felt concerned for the condition because her hair had been through a lot. I did a search cleanse and as a result we were able to apply a deep cleanse and get the hair to lift to the desirable light shade. Then it was treatment time and finally a glaze to neutralise some of the warmth.

“The next step would be a few days later when after a combination of home treatments and the right haircut I was able to successfully lift a clean beautiful blonde throughout and I could do the same for you.”

It’s time to flick off the icy remnants of winter.

Let’s splash a burst of colour through our hair and step up to the bar darling, let’s celebrate spring.